Please download the BILL OF MATERIALS REV1.1.0 and FIRMWARE REV1.3.0

For REV2.1 kits please use BILL OF MATERIALS REV2.1, firmware is same.

For DD EXPANDER kits please use BILL OF MATERIALS REV1.0.1

to program the unit:

  1. flash the bootloader using STLink
  2. turn DD off, then turn on holding SHIFT button – unit should start in USB device mode
  3. connect to your computer via USB, DD should mount as a flash drive, format it as FAT32, put both firmware and presets file to
  4. reboot the DD, get to settings (SHIFT + CANCEL), then perform a reset to defaults, then get to calibration menu, calibrate sliders first and oscillators after. Initial oscillators calibration takes ~15 minutes.
  5. Synth should be working

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