What tools do I need to build a DIY kit version?

The kit ships with all SMD parts preinstalled and only requires through-hole soldering, meaning even beginners should be able to build this project. You will need a soldering iron, solder, side cutters, a set of screwdrivers. A digital multimeter is not required, but would be useful if you would like to test the DC voltages.

Do I need to be an engineer or have any technical knowledge to build the DIY?

We will provide detailed, step-by-step instructions to ensure that nobody is intimidated by this project. If you can follow the instructions for LEGO sets and can operate a solder iron, you should be able to manage assembly. The only difficult part of the assembly is installing the SMT chips to the board and we have already done that for you. Again, one of our goals was to make the project easy and approachable for everyone, even those who have never put an electronic device together. We even made sure that the power supply utilizes low voltage DC to DC converters so it is safe to touch.

How much will it be to finish the DIY kit?

The price of components, hardware panel, case and PSU will be ~ $1000. No rare or obsolete parts are used. The bill of materials will be published very soon.

Where do I get a frontpanel and rack case?

The frontpanel and rack case will be supplied by DIY HUB shortly.

Are you working with distributors and dealers?

At this point we offer only direct sales. The main reason of this was to reduce the final price of the instrument. We offer free worldwide shipping for all orders.

Does it really have a polyphonic aftertouch?

Yes, you can choose between Channel Pressure and Polyphonic Aftertouch.

MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) is also implemented, giving support for controllers like ROLI Seaboard Rise, Haken Continuum and LinnStrument for even deeper control

Why should i preorder?

By preordering you are guaranteed to receive your synthesizer form the first batch. Your preorder money also helps secure the production run for a small company like ourselves.

Is it a clone of a CS-80? How close is the sound to the original?

We were inspired by this wonderful synthesizer when were designing the Deckard’s Dream, but had to do everything from scratch. No single part of a circuit is equal to the CS-80, first of all because it was done using custom and exclusive chips back in the 70s. However we did pay attention to many details of the synth architecture, oscillator waveshapes (like the sawtooth glitch which is a big part of the CS-80 sound), filter topology and of course the modulation possibilities. With the help of modern technology, it became possible to have the same level of expression as the CS-80. However MPE technology this expression even further with the addition of polyphonic pitchbend etc. Despite all this, please don’t expect exactly the same behavior – even if it is very close, it’s still a very modern synthesizer.

Are you releasing a keyboard version as well?

We do not currently plan to release a keyboard version, until we find a supplier of keybeds with polyphonic aftertouch.

Where can i get a wooden rack frame like in a poster?

4u and 5u frames will be offered by Lamond Design.

I'm getting a kit, when can i start buying the parts?

We will post the BOM and step by step illustrated build instructions at the end of May. Most of the parts are generic and come from Mouser. You may want to buy 17x CEM3340 oscillator chips from ON-Chip in advance, the unit also uses 59x V2164 VCA chips. Both in DIP package.

I get "Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time Please return to the merchant" message

We currently can’t accept payments from business PayPal accounts, please try to pay using a personal account. If you don’t have a personal PayPal – please contact us , we will provide the alternative payment method.

I have changed my mind and want to cancel my order, can i get a refund?

You can change your mind and cancel your order up until midnight JST of December 31st 2017. Manufacturing begins the next day and so this is the cancellation deadline. We can’t issue a refund after this date.